Bus Rentals

Bus Rentals with Driver

Are you a community organization looking for affordable transportation options?

ASK has 2 wheelchair accessible passenger buses available for rent: a 9 passenger and an 18 passenger.

These buses are perfect for outings; e.g. for seniors, people with disabilities and children. 

An experienced, senior-focused driver is included with each rental.

See below for pricing.


For more details and to book, please call 604-263-2333 or email caring@askcentre.ca.

9 Passenger Bus

Our 9 passenger bus can accommodate 1 wheelchair user,  in addition to the 9 passengers. 

Alternatively, the wheelchair spot could be used for storing walking aids.

There is no front passenger seat.

18 Passenger Bus

Our 18-passenger bus has 18 seats in the rear. and one front passenger seat.

Up to 4 rear seats may be folded away to make space for either wheelchair users (2 seats folded away per wheelchair), or walking aid storage.





 9-Passenger Bus with Driver:

18-Passenger Bus with Driver:














Prices are excluding gas.  No sales tax is payable.

Prices may be subject to change without notice and will be confirmed upon booking.

Both buses have $10 million insurance.

Features of Both Buses

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