Preparing for the Future

With the aging of the Baby Boomer generation, Adult Day Programs are needed now more than at any time in Canada’s history. ASK’s vision is a community in which ADP services are available to anyone who needs them. To meet this challenge, we are expanding to two additional centres.

ASK at Arbutus

Planned for opening in 2025 with space for up to 45 new clients

9000 sq ft located adjacent to the future Neighbourhood House venue in the residential complex under construction on the west side of Arbutus Shopping Centre

Focus on integration of virtual services and digital technologies to enable older adults to safely live at home for longer

ASK at Dogwood-Pearson

Planned for opening in first half of 2023 with space for up to 20 new clients

4000 sq ft located in the residential complex under construction in the Pearson-Dogwood lands at 57th Avenue and Cambie Street

Focus on clients with more specialized medical needs

Our Strategic Partnership Model

As shown in the adjacent diagram, a thriving ADP system depends on close collaboration amongst all key players in the care continuum for older adults. As ASK grows we seek to form partnerships with all of them.

In the next 3-5 years ASK’s focus will be on:

  • Reaching out to geriatricians and GPs to make them aware of ADPs as a valuable service for their patients and patients’ families
  • Partnering with technology providers expand our virtual and digital service offerings
  • Partnering with research institutions to pilot new approaches supporting aging in place
  • Creating new services that support the needs of caregivers

How ASK Partners to Achieve Strategic Goals

ASK Strategic Plan 2022-2025

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