Vision and Mission

Our Mission  

To provide opportunities that enhance quality of life.

Our Vision

To be a leader in providing integrated community based services for older adults.

Elements of our vision:

♥  To situate our Adult Day Centre close to seniors housing.
♥  To provide quality service in appropriate physical space.
♥  To increase the number of Adult Day Centre clients served.
♥  To enhance our ability to provide specialized programming.
♥  To maximize use of transportation resources to create and maintain links with the

Our Values

We Value
Having fun, accountability, respect, honesty, integrity, caring, individual and community, dreaming dreams.



We believe:

♥  That aging is a normal part of the life process.
♥  That personal growth and the actualization of one’s maximum potential is achievable at
any life stage
♥  That all people have the right to informed decision-making, freedom of expression, and
♥  That our community deserves access to respite and support services that enhance the
ability of individuals with chronic health problems to remain independent
♥  That client choice and control and a focus on “Wellness” are essential building blocks of
a successful program
♥  That informal caregivers have a valuable role and deserve ongoing support and respite
♥  That compassion and integrity supported by the constant improvement of our work and
the wise allocation of resources will result in satisfied clients, families/caregivers,
volunteers and staff