Who Do We Serve?

Who Do We Serve?                

The program is designed for seniors who have chronic health challenges or who have difficulty meeting their own social needs. All clients admitted to the Centre must meet the admission criteria.

Suitable Clients


♥    who are socially isolated.
♥    who without this service, would deteriorate in physical, mental, social and/or
emotional  functioning.
♥    who because of physical, mental, and/or emotional functioning, are not suitable for
attendance at other community programs.
♥    who require restorative or therapeutic activities in order to achieve an optimal level of
♥    whose care needs can be met in a group setting.
♥    whose behaviour does not diminish other’s enjoyment of the program day.
♥    who possess the necessary stamina to manage a typical Adult Day Program day.
♥    who are capable of participation in Adult Day Program activities.
♥    who appear to be capable of attending other community programs but require Adult
Day Centre services because of severe isolation or unique physical or mental needs.


Referrals can come from any source, but eligibility must be determined by a Case Manager at your local Health Unit. If you do not have a Case Manager, call Vancouver Coastal Health’s Central Intake at 604-263-7377.
If you have questions or want to come for a visit, please call us directly at 604-263-7333.

Membership Boundaries

ASK primarily serves the Vancouver neighbourhoods of Arbutus, Kerrisdale, Dunbar, Shaughnessy, Marpole and Oakridge.

For those who want to join, our general boundaries for people who use HandyDart are:

♥  South to the Fraser River
♥  North to 16th Avenue
♥  East to Main Street
♥  West to Camosun Street (near Dunbar Street)

Once approve to attend, our Transportation Coordinator will help to set you up with HandyDart through Translink to bring you to the program.  For more information on HandyDart click here.