Praise for ASK

       Participant Praise     

ASK Get Well Card      

Madge M.

Eight little messages
Written on a card,
“Get well soon we miss you
And send our kind regard”
Thank you for the cheery notes
I read them all each day
It’s like a little visit
With friends from far away

Written by Madge M.
August 6/16

Caregivers and Family Member Praise

♥  A. S. K. has been a wonderful source of support and care as well as a social outlet for my mother.  We continue to recognize your work
♥  You do a fabulous job!  Thank you for making Dad’s life fuller and more fun!!
♥  I am very happy with the services offered!  Please continue this forever!
♥  Thank you for making my mother’s life more fulfilling – she looks forward to every visit!
♥  It’s a gem!!!

Here’s what staff members have to say about working at A.S.K.

oct misc 013♥  I love our participants!  Every day my heart is touched by those we care for. Working at A. S. K. gives me the opportunity to be part of a caring committed team that recognizes and understands the needs of these very special people
♥  The best part of being at A. S. K. is watching how our service improves the health and well being of those we serve
♥  I like working at A. S. K. because I am able to better a person’s life in the moment, for the day or the rest of their lives
♥  It is very important that a place like A. S. K. can make good memories in seniors’ lives and also a very happy place for me

*Comments are from our 2014 Program Review