Newsletters and Calendars

Monthly Newsletter & Calendar for Participants

For participants and their families we produce a monthly newsletter to help you keep informed about what is going on at A.S.K. throughout the month.  At the end of every month we provide a printed copy to our participants to take home.
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If you would like this newsletter and calendar emailed to you every month, please email our Program Coordinator, Christine, at

Quarterly “Friendship Links” Newsletter

Four times a year we send out our Friendship Links Newsletter.  We do this keep in touch with our friends of A.S.K. and inform you of upcoming events, fundraisers, Centre closures, and the ongoing future of A.S.K.
This newsletter is for current caregivers as well as anyone who has an interest in A.S.K. and wants to stay in touch. We love to communicate with our Friends and have them attend our events, even after their family may no longer attend A.S.K. !

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To sign up to receive this newsletter either by mail or email call 604-263-7333 or email